Team Cadamar

Serving Florida for over 30 Years


We are very proud of the team we've assembled:


Regional Sales Team

North Florida:                Chris Newell, Sales Representative

Central Florida:             Alex Redfield, Sales Representative

West Florida:                 Rob Skinner, Sales Representative

Southwest Florida:        Chris Rajala, Sales Representative

Southeast Florida:        AJ Takacs, Principal and Territory Manager

                                      Travis Owens, Sales Representative 

                                      Luke Turner, Sales Representative 

Corporate Office:

David DeMeza, Founder, Principal and General Sales Manager 

Catherine Minteer, Founder, Principal and Sales Support Manager 

Kirk Ochs, Technical Sales Support  

Jim Lessig, Technical Sales Support 

Debbie Roth-Heger, Customer Service, Sales Support 

Brenda McCoy, Customer Service, Sales Support 

Patricia Comeau, Customer Service, Sales Support 

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